Ten Colonnello Nicola Palmiero

Nicola Palmiero

Tenente Colonnello

Lt. Col. Nicola Palmiero started working for Guardia di Finanza, which is the Italian Custom and Financial Police Corp, in 1979, and has been there ever since. He teaches Border Security at Scientific Intelligence Master Program at Link Campus University

He has experience in crime investigations and crime prevention in the field of economic control, with regard to the fight against hidden economy, tax and contribution frauds, smuggling and illicit trafficking in trade, counterfeiting goods and intellectual property crimes.

He worked also abroad, in Tbilisi (Georgia), as Italian Liaison officer taking part in joint criminal cross borders investigations and actively participating in international symposia, conferences and working groups (2004/2006). He was seconded as national expert to Training Unit and Risk Analysis Unit at Frontex Agency co-operating in many operational training activities, providing analyses and drafting reports and proposals for intelligence purposes related to Joint operations, including recommendations in the field of enforcement coordination, strategy, policy and tactical enforcement areas (2007/2010).

He is now working for the International Police Cooperation Service of the Italian Department of the Public Security as team leader of police officers sharing operational police information for prevention and disruption purposes including financial crimes and “Asset Recovery” matters.